5% Referral

Ask about our 5% Back Customer Referral Program!

EASY PEASY You refer a client to Accent and we give you 5% up to $500.

WHY We prefer to give money back to our customers than spend it on advertising!

WHAT Take advantage of doing simple things like: house or carpet cleaning, handyman work, windows, duct cleaning etc. OR put the money towards your next big project!

IDEA If you do happen to show off your project on facebook or have a party, it's a quick way to get referral cash in your own account.

Standard Policy:

1. THE REWARDS ARE: 5% of product sales or Accent Labor. Sub-contract labor (especially plumbers, electricians, mechanical) are not included. Sales tax is not included. The maximum reward per referral is a $500 credit to referrer's account. The referrer may use it for any Accent services or store products. Items on sale are included.

2. Past customers are welcome to call their salesperson or the office in general if they wish to ensure their referral gets under their name. In fact, we encourage it. 

3. New Customers will always be asked if they were referred in by someone. We can split the referral monies at the new customer request.

4. If the customer has purchased from Accent before and no one referred them in, they can name themselves to get the 5% referral monies on their account.

5. Expiration of referral monies is two years from the original date of sale. Customers may request an extension.